Quantitative Muti-strategy

Quantitative Multi-strategy (Quant CTA Portfolio) aims to deliver superior absolute returns through our quantitative trading strategies. Seeks to profit from global macro trends, market inefficiency and mis-pricing and to achieve absolute returns that have a low correlation to traditional asset classes. Employs multi quantitative strategies, including: relative value long/short, volatility arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, trend following, spread trading, global macro, etc.

Global Opportunities

Global Opportunities (Global Macro) combines quantitative and qualitative research, employs quantitative global macro strategies to achieve long-term superior absolute returns. Invests in equities, bonds, derivatives, commodities, currencies, etc (Goldenwise Global Opportunities is not open to the U.S. investors.)

Global Evergreen

Global Evergreen Strategy (Evergreen) aims to generate capital growth in long run by investing in an equity portfolio consist of companies with long-term growth potential, leading position in the industry, large economic moat, robust financial position and trustworthy management. The fund employs bottom up fundamental analysis to identify good companies at fair price. The fund minimize risk by only investing in companies that we have deep and thorough understanding.